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Derek McLeod

Sum lounge chair

$3,450 purchase

The Sum lounge chair is a combination of structure and surface, frame and seat, line and curve, a visualization of the essential role of furniture – to hold a person off the ground and to do so in a comfortable manner. The seat is wide and welcoming with subtle curvature, while the backrest tapers down to a thin bottom edge. The frame portions are rounded on the outer surfaces and end at a crisp square inner profile, creating contrast between inside and outside. It is a delicate and slim chair which provides a quiet space to read, relax with a drink, contemplate music or enjoy many other calm pastimes.

made in Canada, 2010

material American walnut

size 24 w × 26 d × 27 h in

description This design is a custom and made to order with a 10-12 week lead time.


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