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Derek McLeod

Stonehenge bookshelf

$5,750 purchase

This bookshelf is inspired by the stone megaliths at Stonehenge, a remarkable feat of ancient ingenuity. Large chunks of walnut are carved into soft, almost weather-worn shapes that support rectilinear shelves. The supports convey a sense of the solidity apparent in nature; shapes that can be soft and gentle in appearance, yet carry immense loads. The rigorous geometry of the shelves, meanwhile, acts as a manmade foil to the natural supports.

A bookshelf can be seen as symbolic – a holder for the ideas of a culture. It elevates and displays the physical evidence of these ideas in the form of books.

made in Canada, 2021

material walnut

size 66 w × 12 d × 31 h in

description This design is a custom and made to order with a 10-12 week lead time.


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