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Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti

Custom canapé

This unique, custom-made canapé embodies design duo Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti’s playful, avant-garde approach to traditional French design. Bronze patinated ornamentation recalls Romanesque architectural details, while their hand worked treatment, along with the canapé’s hypermodern form, are unmistakable as a Garouste and Bonetti vision.

made in France, 1990

material lacquered wood, bronze, upholstery

size 86 ½ w × 40 d × 29 ¾ h in  seat height 17 inches

description This work is unique. Sold with digital copies of the original design renderings.

condition Assorted wear and small losses to lacquer: three one-inch losses along back left edge, several smaller losses scattered along lower edges, one crude repair to back right corner which is four inches in length. Seams have begun to separate, causing long fissures to lacquer coat. Overall this example would benefit from conservation. Additional images available upon request.


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